There are many reasons to seek out the help of a Nutritionist. Issues relating to energy levels, digestion, weight, stress, skin, moods and children’s eating habits are some common reasons. Some people simply want to start taking charge of their health and need a little coaching to navigate through the diets, foods, books and health products out there. Others have been diagnosed with a health condition and want to know how they can play an active role in controlling symptoms and side effects of medications.

Whatever your reasons, nutritional and lifestyle changes play a critical role in helping you achieve your health goals. We will work together to develop a program that fits your unique needs, tastes and abilities.

Individual Nutritional Counseling

Getting Started Package – $160


  • 60 min. initial assessment session (lifestyle/health¬†background information, setting goals and¬†initial “get started” take-home tips)
  • 30 min. follow up session by telephone
  • Personalized nutritional plan and relevant handouts
  • Email support for a month

Follow-up Sessions

  • 1 hr. follow-up sessions: $75
  • 30 min follow-up sessions: $50

Guided grocery store tours

A practical approach to eating a more wholesome diet is to start at the source. After reviewing your current health, lifestyle, goals and preferences, we’ll tour your preferred grocer so you are armed with the knowledge you need to make the healthiest (and most economical) shopping choices. You’ll learn how to read ingredient labels, compare products, get the most out of your dollar and lots more. A personalized shopping list and reference sheets are also included.

  • $125

Corporate/Group Services

“Lunch and Learn” Seminars (lunch not provided)

$350 per seminar (typically 45 – 60 mins in length). Employees or group members can listen in on a customized, nutritionally focused, presentation while they eat their lunch. Questions are encouraged and handouts will be supplied to further reinforce the important “take home” points.


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